Building a (Lightweight) Business Process Engine


Organizing a set of tasks and activities into a structure to facilitate execution by human or by machine, is one of the best understood ways to create order from chaos. Most people who have made it through primary school understand this, in a primitive “hokey pokey” or “Simon says” sense.

This concept of sequence is key to almost all programming languages, which represent flow concepts with language keywords like “if” and “while”. In electronics and robotics, finite state diagrams are …

Gestalt Complexity: Is the Term FrameWORK Misleading?


Do frameworks always work? Do they mostly work? Do they sometimes work? Do we even really look to see if they work?

Or are they just a lot of work?

There is an assumption amongst software developers that adding a framework will automatically save time and reduce complexity. That if a framework follows standards, and reduces the amount of code that has to be written, the project will automatically become “best practice”.

It is safe to say that developers are …