Gestalt Complexity: Is the Term FrameWORK Misleading?


Do frameworks always work? Do they mostly work? Do they sometimes work? Do we even really look to see if they work?

Or are they just a lot of work?

There is an assumption amongst software developers that adding a framework will automatically save time and reduce complexity. That if a framework follows standards, and reduces the amount of code that has to be written, the project will automatically become “best practice”.

It is safe to say that developers are …

Multiple Inheritance in Java


Most Java developers will have heard the phrase “Java does not support multiple inheritance”, or maybe even admitted that they “wish Java supported multiple inheritance”.

A rarely asked counter-question is “Have you tried?”.

I have.

I set myself the task of creating a working implementation of multiple inheritance within Java. The requirements for a solution were:

  • The inheriting class must have access to all of the inherited class methods and data.
  • It must do this without using composition.
  • It can